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Elephants Wood Carvings

Wood is such a material that makes for an excellent medium for artists in Bali to express their creativity. Wood carvings or Bali wood carvings as well as Bali wooden carvings or Bali carvings have a remarkable history and are known for its unique design and pattern.

Wood carvings, Bali wood carvings and Bali carvings play an important role in our lives. Wooden carvings and the art of carving has been an ancient form of art.

Bali is famous for its distinct style of wood carvings or wooden carvings that were partly influenced by foreign tradition and mostly by local traditions. In Bali, there is tradition of wood carving manufacture that are for religious centers and other wooden carvings are on sale for tourists.

Bali temples are also very well known with its wood carvings on its roofing and decorations. Houses here have a family temple either big or small with wooden carvings and intricate patterns and designs. Many buildings like government offices, schools and shops are also very well-known for their  meticulously done wood carvings and sculptures of various animal figures. Wooden carvings are very popular and have a flourishing industry in Bali. Ubud, Gianyar is the world famous for the Bali wood  carvings and Bali wooden carvings. The carved sculptures of gods and goddesses, animals, figurines, etc are the most popular.

Today, most of the wooden carvings have innovative patterns and figurines and is not just restricted to deities and mythology. Even abstract wood carvings or theme-based wooden carvings are the trends in contemporary art of wood carvings. For art lovers who are interested in purchasing priceless Bali wooden carvings and wholesale wood carvings, our online shop is the right place to be in.

Balinese wood carvers are extremely talented and  produce thousands of hand carved Bali wood carvings, wooden carvings and Bali carvings items for the tourism industry. Bali wood carvings are finished in natural wood tones or hand painted with intricate details and dazzling colors. Its beauty of Bali wood carvings will amaze and delight you.

These elephants wood carving are made from professional craftsman located in some villages in Bali Island. For the material of these elephants wood carvings, we are normally using Suar wood (rain tree) and Sono wood.

We accept custom Bali wood carvings, wholesale wood carvings, Bali carvings, wooden carvings, wholesale wooden carvings and other special request are widely welcome. Our elephant wood carvings range from various Elephant wood carvings.

We manufacture all these Elephants wood carvings, Bali wood carvings, wholesale wood carvings, Bali carvings, wooden carvings, wholesale wooden carvings in our factory located in a nice green Ubud City in Bali, Indonesia. All wooden material has been dried enough to make sure the good quality of our wood carving products.


Here you can find our wide range selections of Bali Wood Carvings, Wood Carvings, Wholesale Wood Carvings, Bali Wooden Carvings, Wholesale Wooden Carvings, Bali Carvings, Wholesale Bali Carvings.



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